Festivals and Events

With over 80% of Papua New Guineans living in rural areas, culture plays a major part in today's way of life. Rituals from thousands of years ago are still being practised and passed on to each new generation. 

Festivals are an excellent opportunity to see these ancient practices when tribes wear their traditional war paint and outfits, known as bilas, and gather from across the nation to perform their tribal dances.

Below is a list of upcoming events.


Tumbuna Festival - Mt Hagen (only sold in conjunction with Rondon Ridge accommodation and tours)


Gogodala Canoe Festival - Balimo, Western Province
Wahgi Sing Sing - Nondugl, Juwaka Province
Gulf Mask Festival - Toare Village, Gulf Province
Coffee Festival - Goroka
Tavur Festival - Kimbe
Kontu/Tembin Shark Calling Festival - Kontu, New Ireland
Madang Festival June   


National Mask Festival - Kokopo, July 5 Day Package
Warwagira Cultural Show - Kokopo, July
Malagan Show - New Ireland
Ugwabwena Yam Festival - Trobriand Islands
Remembrance Day - Alotau
Hiri Moale Festival - Port Moresby
Yamut Cultural Festival - Kavieng
Reeds Festival - Arawa, Bougainville


Mount Hagen Show - Western Highlands 4 day package
Buka Mona Festival - Buka
Sepik Crocodile Festival - East Sepik
Milne Bay Dawn Service - Alotau
Divine Word University Cultural Day - Madang
Frangipani Festival Rabaul
Enga Cultural Show - 10-12 August 5 day package


Goroka Cultural Show - Eastern Highlands 4 day package OR 7 day package
Rabaul Frangipani Festival 
Bilum Festival - Goroka
Kalam Culture Festival - Madang Highlands  
PNG Independence Anniversary - 16th September
Hiri Moale Festival - Central
Horticultural Show - Kundiawa, Simbu Province
National Garamut and Mambu Festival - Madang
The Betelnut Festival - Veifa'a Village, Central Province
Garamut and Mask Festival - Rofundogum Village, East Sepik
Kundu and Digaso Festival - Kutumbu, Southern Highlands
Bilasim Skin Festival - Goroka
Middle Sepik Festival - Palimbe Village, East Sepik


Morobe Cultural Show - Morobe 
Kongo Festival - Mt Kosaipa, Southern Highlands
Louisiade Yacht Rally - Louisiades, Milne Bay
Misima Cultural Show - Misima Island, Milne Bay
Ramu Nicoo Kangal Festival - Ramu Valley, Madang


Kundu and Canoe Festival 
Kiriwina Cultural Show - Trobriand Islands


Game Fishing Titles 


ANZAC Day. Experessions of interest taken for Rabaul and Port Moresby Tours.